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End to End Security Solutions FOR BANKING INSTITUTIONS

Banking &Finance

Money, finance and security businesses are vulnerable to constant threats. ETT understands the unique needs of these industries and offer reliable solutions that you can bank on! Hikvision’s Smart Banking Surveillance Solution boasts powerful, intelligent functionalities. These functionalities are embedded with advanced technology to help you integrate your financial facilities – from branch offices to service centers to treasuries – into a centralized monitoring solution that is easy to implement, manage and integrate. Hikvision helps you conduct effective surveillance of bank assets, manage the security of your clients and personnel, protect restricted areas, and secure ATM areas with unwavering reliability. And there's more – ETT surveillance solutions also improve accountability, efficiency and customer satisfaction for better business.


·Ensure around-the-clock safety for customers and employees

·Increase transaction safety and customer satisfaction

·Collect reliable footage for post-investigation

·Manage all the branches effectively and easily

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